Myth or truth: does the dryer and iron remove the shine of black hair?

Black hair is generally characterized by its great shine, which helps make the wicks stand out, and gives the look a touch of elegance and sensuality. This color manages to steal all eyes, however, not having proper care with the mane can leave the wicks with a dry, dull and lifeless appearance. We reveal to you if the use of the dryer and the iron affect the appearance of the black strands.

The use of heat generating devices and chemicals tend to dry out and damage the health of the wicks. Both the colorations, such as the dryer and the iron, if not applied and used correctly, can mistreat the hair, leaving it dry, porous, fragile and dull. That is why you must carry out some special care so that your black hair always looks radiant.

Avoid using the iron and dryer every day, and always before passing the appliances through the wicks you should apply a heat shield to keep your strands of heat safe. There are specific cares that you should have with each tool, we tell you what they are.

How to use the iron correctly so as not to mistreat the hair

The iron helps to leave the wicks straight and give them movement , its use is ideal to attend formal and informal events, since it keeps the mane polished and with a touch of sophistication. Always before using this device, wash and condition your wicks with the appropriate shampoo for your hair type.

Run a towel over the wicks to dry faster and wait for them to dry completely, it is not advisable to iron wet hair, even if the device says otherwise. Apply a heat shield on the wicks to maintain the health and shine of the hair.

Do not exaggerate with the temperature, prefer low temperatures, unless your hair is very curly or thick. Once you put the iron on the wicks, start from top to bottom and do not pause to iron the entire wick at once, try to rarely run the device through the hair.

Never iron tangled hair, besides it will be a difficult task, you will mistreat the strands. When you finish ironing your hair, apply an oil to prevent frizz and give an extra touch of shine to the wicks.

Special care so that the dryer leaves the hair pretty

First wash your wicks with the shampoo and conditioner indicated for your hair type. Before drying the hair with the dryer, you should wrap the mane in a towel and leave it there a few minutes so that the strands are not so wet. Then brush the wicks.

Apply a heat shield on the hair so that it is not damaged by now passing the dryer. It prefers to use the best flat iron for black hair with good power, with speed and temperature controls, so you can adjust it according to your needs and you can create different styles of hairstyles. It is also important that the dryer can be fitted with a nozzle that controls the air flow.

The hair dryer should point down so as not to mistreat the cuticle. Once you have finished drying the entire mane, a burst of cold air passes through the wicks to help fix the hairstyle and add shine. Finally, apply a few drops of oil on the middle part and on the ends, this product will fight the frizz and shine the hair.

With these techniques you will prevent your black hair from looking dry and dull, and you can straighten it or shape it with these devices without any problem. Do not forget to perform periodic hydration with masks or ampoules, every 15 days to keep the wicks beautiful and bright.